Seth Rogen, Jimmy Fallon and Zac Efron are poking fun at the controversy surrounding James Franco's questionable online conversations with an underage girl.  On Tuesday, the three dressed up as teenage girls for the "Tonight Show's" regular "Ew!" sketch when texts from Franco started coming in.  

Seth sat down with Jimmy and admitted that the sketch was the first time he'd ever dressed up in women's clothing.  He added that he "loved it" and felt he carried himself well. 

On the other hand, he believes his Neighbors co-star, Zac Efron, had some work to do.  Seth pointed out that Zac was sitting improperly, while he was sitting modestly. 

Jimmy also brought up Seth's relationship with James Franco.  Their close friendship recently resulted in James painting a nude portrait of Seth, which Rogen was slightly disturbed by.  Jimmy allowed him to get back at him by completing a nude sketch of James during the interview.