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Ariana Grande is thanking fans for their words of support after the loss of her beloved grandfather.  She took to Twitter to share that her grandfather had passed away on Tuesday night. 

The singer says his death is "the hardest thing imaginable," but she's "grateful" for the time she was able to spend with him. Ariana told fans she "got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace." 

The singer says she decided to take a flight to New York on Wednesday to appear on "Good Morning America" only because her grandfather had always taught her to "be professional and fulfill her business commitments." 

Ariana also addressed her older brother Frankie Grande, who is a contestant on this season of "Big Brother" and living in a house blocked off from all contact with his loved ones.  The singer says their grandfather told the family "No way!" when asked if he wanted to pull Frankie out of the competition.  

She remembered her late grandfather on social media with old photos.

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