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In the past few years, we have witnessed Krewella's massive growth from an underground EDM "krew" into the mainstream superstars they are now.  But do they even realize how big they truly are?  "Still kinda blurry on the big thing," Yasmine tells us. "I always feel like we're still grinding, still trying to make our music better and make our show better."  And if you've ever been to a Krewella show, you can definitely tell how hard they work...AND how much they care about their fans.  "We have an incredible fan base, and our success is all due to them," Jahan explains.

But what is the one thing the girls don't like about all the success?  "We both have to agree that not seeing our family is the #1 hardship of it.  But other than that, it's been amazing," Yasmine says. 

How would the girls describe eachother in one word?  And how did them appearing on Tiesto's upcoming album come to fruition?!?  Find out, as we go backstage at the Sunset Music Festival with Yasmine and Jahan of Krewella.

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