Good At Making Decisions? This Woman Will PAY You To Do That!

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From The Mirror :

Read the following sentence carefully:

A woman in England will pay you  $2,600 if you make every decision for her for one month. 


We all have difficult decisions to make in our lives. Some people have a REALLY tough making even the smallest choices. Well, this woman from England has made a decision - to have OTHER PEOPLE make decisions for her. And she's willing to pay for it.

"Hiya, bit of a weird one I know but basically, I feel like I need someone to make my decisions for me. "I've had a really rubbish year and would love for someone to take control of my life think of it a bit like a real life Bandersnatch. "I have no idea if this sort of thing exists, but I came across clairvoyants when I was looking for another service, so I thought it was worth a shot."

If you're up for the job, you could get up to $2600 a month. Time to decide!


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