The Ultimate Hangout Spot Just Might Be Where?!

If you're looking for a cool hangout spot for the summer and you have the time and money for this project, you should totally do it and invite me, please!

From Delish:

With thearrival of summercomes warm nights spent outdoors with the family makings'mores, afternoons spent relaxing on your porch swing, and plenty of backyard parties, all of which would benefit from an incrediblebackyard space.
Which brings us to this amazing DIY pergola and fire pit setup. Created by Lauren Ashworth ofLittle White House Blog, and featured onRemodelaholic, this structure is the grown-up backyard play-set of your dreams. It seriously has it all: a fire pit, a movie screen, Adirondack chairs, six (!) porch swings, a built-in bar, and a pergola.
"It is truly an outdoor oasis and an area we created for the sole purpose of bringing our family and friends together," Lauren wrote onRemodelaholic. "It's a conversation piece around our small town and we love making s'mores, star-gazing, and relaxing here at the end of the day."


Photo Cred: Delish


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