This Woman woke up to what on her arm?!

According to CNN, a Tennessee woman woke up to a special surprise in bed at the Hampton Inn & Suites... She woke up to a garden snake laying across her arm. No, thank you!

More from CNN:

Melinda Major was asleep in her hotel room in Memphis, Tennessee, on Friday morning when she felt something moving around on her arm.
She was in town from Nashville for a doctor's appointment and at first she thought it might have been her husband, until she remembered he wasn't there with her. When she finally opened her eyes, what she saw was the stuff of nightmares.
A thin, green garden snake was stretched out across her arm.
"I'm not a snake person," Major told CNN. "I can deal with spiders and all the icky things, but snakes are not my thing."

Yeah, I'm good. I would rather not wake up to that in a hotel room but she did the right thing! If I ever come across something like that, I'll just call the front desk and send a picture to my snake expert Uncle!


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