Weekend home activities.

Weekend home activities.

I'm the type of person who hates being cold but I can deal with sleeping in a cold room IF I'm able to stay warm in bed. A new study came out that sleeping in a cold room will serve you the best possible way when it comes to relieving stress and it helps you go to sleep quicker!

According to Viral Hatch:

Sleeping hasn’t been that easy ever since I decided to move in with my wife. After being used to sleeping alone in a double-sized bed, I had to figure out how to make room for two. Besides the bed problem, here is another issue that we had in the beginning when we first started living together. I found out that she likes to keep the air conditioner on and at a low temperature, which I wasn’t comfortable with at first. I mean it was summer and I had to put on two covers sometimes, due to the coldness of the room during the night. But now, according to a scientific fact, it turns out that sleeping in a cold room, is better for your health and it helps you sleep earlier.

Keep that in mind when you go to bed tonight... Just turn the air down...


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