A Burger King Has Brought Halloween to a Whole New Level...

A Burger King has managed to "Dress Up" as the 'Ghost of McDonalds' and let's just say they took the spirit of Halloween to a whole new level!

From Huffpost:

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and, if you’re a fast food joint, genius displays of pettiness.
A Burger King restaurant in New York City’s Rego Park neighborhood celebrated the spooky holiday by dressing up as the ghost of McDonald’s, complete with a white blanket with cut-out eye holes, “McDonald’s” crudely spray painted in black, and those recognizable golden arches.
“BOOOOO!” read the sign outside of the restaurant. “Just kidding. We still flame-grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”
This Burger King dressed up as a McDonald’s ghost is one of the most pettiest things I’ve ever seen 💀pic.twitter.com/6Locg5tZw5
— FREDDY 🎃 (@FreddyAmazin)October 26, 2016
Adding insult to injury, Burger King doled out burgers in containers disguised as McDonald’s ghost boxes with the same flame-grilled zinger.
Burger King published a video last week to show off the witty Halloween costume, setting the bar for friendly rivalries hilariously high.
McDonald’s clapped right back.
“Who wouldn’t want to masquerade as McDonald’s for Halloween when we are serving up treats like McCafé beverages, apple pies, and our World Famous Fries,” Terri Hickey, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post.

Would you dress up as McDonald's for Halloween?!


Photo Cred: Huffpost

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