'Beard Lights' for Christmas this year!

If you're a dude with a legit beard and you like Christmas, this might be right up your alley... Beard lights!

From Tips For Home:

I’m sure that we’ve all seen our fair share of trends over the years as far as decorating for Christmas. Some people might think to super large inflatables, many of which you probably still see in the yards around town. It seems as if there is no end to the creativeness that people will use in order to make the most of Christmas and if you have a beard, you may just want to use it in the process. How can you do it? You do it by decorating it with fairy lights. It may sound funny, but the results are amazing.
Not only can you decorate your own beard with beard lights, it also makes a great gift for your friend that has a hairy face as well. You can buy a set for $14 onFireboxand not only do they light up, they even flash! You just clip them into your facial hair and before you know it, you’re celebrating the season in style.

Not too shabby!


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