Woman Pranks Her Husband With Amazon Boxes!

An Amazon Fulfilment Centre Prepares For Black Friday

An Amazon Fulfilment Centre Prepares For Black Friday

Well Thanksgiving and Black Friday is upon us and let's just say it's the shopping season! This might be an idea to do for that "Gag Gift" or you know, possibly prank someone in April when April 1st comes along just like this woman did. You might as well start saving your boxes now if you're doing all of your Christmas shopping on Amazon...

From Tiphero:

April Fool’sis a time for the mother of allpranks.If you’re a prank-war enthusiast, you probably look forward to April 1st all year just so you can trick your closest friends and family. Maybe you spend days, weeks or months coming up with a hilarious joke so you canlaughin the expense of someone else.Well, at least if you’re anything like Maureen Pritchard you definitely did this. This woman literally spent months plotting to trick her husband in honor of April Fool’s Day, and the entire Internet can’t stop laughing about it because of how relatable it is. And you’ll probably think so too if you’ve ever had to hide an Amazon purchase from your husband because you have a Prime problem (guilty myself!).
Maureen saved Amazon boxes from all of the things she ordered from the site over the course of several months. She even got her parents and her sister in on the act and had them save their boxes from their own purchases as well.
Right in time for April Fool’s Day, Maureen finally had enough boxes saved to play the biggest prank of all on her husband. While he was at work, she carefully lined all the empty boxes up on her doorstep as if they were all delivered that day, so that when he got home, he’d think there were dozens of Amazon purchases that just got there today, meaning his wife went a little click-happy (and spend happy!).

We're all over here LOL'ing too...


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