The Peach Truck Tour, Straight From Georgia

Maybe you know someone who's never had the pleasure of biting into a sweet, delicious Georgia peach. If you google "peach cobbler recipe" you'll find that most of them call for Georgia peaches, without a doubt!

May I introduce you to "The Peach Truck," straight from Georgia. I was fortunate enough to catch this traveling jewel last weekend and the experience itself of being there, waiting anxiously in line was pretty darn fun. Not to mention the recipe ideas that were bouncing around in my head. Peach smoothies, peach cobbler, peach-filled tortillas - the creations are endless! Here's some pics from my Peach Truck day:

Check out this sweet story about the founder, Stephen Rose:

"When Stephen Rose moved to Nashville in the summer of 2010, he made a disheartening discovery many before him already had: no one was selling fresh, flavorful peaches like the kind he’d grown up with.

Stephen had spent most of his childhood summers at a peach farm in his hometown of Fort Valley, Georgia. And to his surprise, no markets and grocers around Nashville were supplying true Georgia peaches, the heirloom he’d craved while he was out west and now considered a non-negotiable staple of southern summers. What he found instead was often a poorly handled, less juicy, and bland imposter. Even worse, no one around him seemed to know what they were missing.

Soon after, Stephen and his wife Jessica took a trip back to his hometown farm and confirmed two of their suspicions: 1) Nashville indeed had a peach problem and 2) they were holding the only viable solution. It was then that Stephen and Jessica began dreaming of a way to partner with his hometown farm to bring these prized peaches to not only Nashvillians, but households nationwide.

That dream began to unfold in summer 2012, when the couple bought a‘64 Jeep truck and started selling big, beautiful, juicy Georgia peaches out of their cab in Nashville. Within five weeks, the city had consumed over 10 tons of their brown-bagged peaches. Needless to say, Nashville no longer had a peach problem.

Since then, Jessica and Stephen have remained passionate about providing both their neighbors and far-flung fruit enthusiasts with the best peaches possible. During the summer season, you can find The Peach Truck on corners across Nashville, on tour in various states, or in packages delivered right to your porch. So now, no matter where you reside, you can indulge is the magic of fresh-picked Georgia peaches all summer long."

The Peach Truck is currently on tour in many states, being it's peach season. To find out more and to see when it may be near you CLICK ON THIS LINK

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