HOAX: Dolphins NOT Flying Through Air During Hurricane Dorian!

In the last number of days, a satire website has gained notoriety with a couple doctored pictures of dolphins being blown through the air due to Hurricane Dorian. Let me be as blunt as possible:


The story originated from an article published by People of Lancaster in 2016 but updated in 2019 titled "Photographer Captures Dolphin Caught In Hurricane Winds" (archived here) which opened:
FORT PIERCE, FL - A photographer with The Weather Channel captured the strength and tragedy of severe weather this evening when he photographed a dolphin that was caught in Hurricane Dorian's winds.
"I have photographed hundreds of tornados and four hurricanes. I've never seen winds so strong that dolphins were blown from the ocean." said Ernie Schwartz of The Weather Channel.


Photo: Getty Images

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