Charlie Puth Shares The Coincidental Story Behind His Newly Adopted Dog

Charlie Puth's stage set is usually an intimate affair with plenty of banter, but attendees of his 96.1 NOW radio show in San Antonio, Texas got even closer to the pop star when he introduced the crowd to his brand-new puppy.

On Thursday night (December 5), the star, 28, treated attendees at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts to a glimpse of his recently adopted Black Labrador, who he has appropriately named — wait for it —Charlie. "I woke up and saw this dog and I adopted it from the Humane Society [in San Antonio]," he told host Russell Rush at the top of the show, before requesting someone from the backstage area to bring the canine to his arms. "This is just little Charlie. I was singing to him, so he's going to be a very musical dog."

Prior to his evening concert, Puth made another promotional stop in the area, where he was surprised with a number of rescue pups, including his recent adoptee. Interestingly enough, the reason why the singer has a cut on his eyebrow is because of a scar after being bit by a Black Labadrador in 1992. "When I saw that Black Lab, I'm like, 'I'm a hilarious individual and self-deprecating, so I'm going to get a Black Lab and name it Charlie' and that's exactly what I did," he recalled. "I'm very, very happy. I'm glad I adopted, too. I never would have thought I would wake up in Texas and adopt a dog. Get this? They got him on December 2nd, which is my birthday."

Throughout the set, Puth delivered the usual suspects like "One Call Away," "How Long," "Attention," and his recent single, "Mother." Scroll on below to see the moment when Charlie introduced his new puppy to the audience!

Photo: Getty Images

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