ABC Launches Review Into Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes' Relationship

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ABC has launched a review into Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' relationship to determine whether the pair violated company policies during their alleged romance.

According to TMZ, the ABC human resource and legal departments are investigating a possible breach of contract by the two Good Morning America anchors, which would include acts such as using company resources, including vehicles or drivers, to meet romantically or pressuring employees to keep their relationship quiet.

The investigation comes after news broke of Robach and Holmes' alleged months-long affair last month. Later reports alleged that Holmes also engaged in a romantic relationship with a former GMA producer years ago, which prompted the internal review last week, per TMZ.

ABC News President Kim Godwin and other network executives decided over the weekend to pull the pair off the air amid the investigation.

According to reports, Godwin said Monday (December 5) during an editorial call that Robach and Holmes' relationship didn't violate company policies. Other network executives believe Godwin's comments came too soon as a review into their alleged romance is still ongoing, per TMZ.

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