T-Bonz Heart of the Community Spotlight: Mentoring Young Men

T-Bonz has been supporting and celebrating the community for 40 years. In partnership with iHeartMedia Augusta we would like to shine a spotlight on some great organizations and non-profits in the CSRA and encourage you to learn more about them, volunteer your time or donate to them.

This month's T-Bonz Heart of the Community Spotlight is Mentoring Young Men of Augusta, Georgia!

Mentoring Young Men is an organization dedicated to the development of young men in Augusta, Ga. as well as surrounding counties. Since its inception in 2022, we have created a unique program designed to support the personal development of leadership and life skills of boys ages 8 to 18 years old.

Empower Young Men

Our program is designed to empower young men by building lasting relationships and instilling core principles in them that will equip them to overcome any obstacles and have a successful future.

Click here to learn more about Mentoring Young Men!

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